In the spring of 1964 a group of first-year students at Hollins created beanstalks, a literary magazine designed to bring their writing to readers in the Hollins community and beyond. The talent, creativity, and moxie of this little magazine and its creators exemplify the deep appreciation of writing at Hollins. Like so many alumnae, the members of this group have continued to be involved with writing in various ways after graduation – as editors, technical writers, journalists, lawyers, teachers, scholars, literacy advocates, readers, and yes, even as writers of creative non-fiction, poetry, and fiction.

In 2003, Hollins received a generous endowment to celebrate and support this tradition of creating and appreciating good writing. The goal of the Beanstalk Endowment is to bring readers and writers together at the Wyndham Robertson Library and Hollins University. The endowment was named after beanstalks to honor the contribution of this group to the writing legacy at Hollins, to play on the metaphor of great things rising from small beginnings.

Previous Speakers

William Jay Smith
Stephanie Strickland
Toi Derricotte

Mark Edmundson
James Tate
John Hollander

Colette Inez
Tony D’Souza
Anna-Lisa Cox

Lee Smith
Joel Chace
Laura Benedict
Steve Watkins
Matthew Makar
Naomi Wallace

Lisa Solood Warren
Sharon Leiter
Cathryn Hankla
Marcia Douglas

Carrie Brown
Jane Gentry Vance
Maureen Sullivan
Edward P. Jones

Laura Browder
Judith Kerman
Elizabeth Rosen
Elizabeth Strout

David Shields
Lorna Goodison

Jaimy Gordon
Mat Johnson

John Rybicki
Edith G. Pearlman
Benjamin George

Kyle Dargan
Luke Johnson & Will Schutt
James McBride

Ethan Hauser

Janisse Ray
Rick Blunt
Roxane Gay
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