Library Undergraduate Internships:

  • First Year J-Term

The Wyndham Robertson Library First-Year J-Term internship program is an unpaid volunteer internship opportunity that provides the intern with exposure to the operations of an academic library. The intern will work directly with WRL staff on a variety of projects in support of the library’s mission and fundamental commitments.

Internships will include the opportunity to work in some or all of the following areas, though specific responsibilities will be determined by both the needs of the library and the interests and skills of the intern.

User experience

Interns may assist with analyzing how students use our website or electronic resources, and make recommendations for potential improvements to address any difficulties students may have in using the library’s electronic resources. Interns assisting with user experience will learn user-centered design principles, usability tools, and the process of usability testing.

Collection Development

Interns may assist with the development of a list of potential resources (including, but not limited to, books, films, journals, and databases) for addition to the library’s collection, or the withdrawal of outdated/unused materials from our current collection, in a topical area of interest. Interns assisting with the collection will learn about principles of collection management and the process of identifying and selecting materials.


Interns may assist with creation of video tutorials, online resource guides, course teaching scripts, or other instruction aids. Interns assisting with instruction will learn about instructional design, principles of learning, and/or fundamentals of information literacy.

  • Marketing & Event Planning (supervised by Rebecca Seipp) – only available in fall or spring semesters.

The Wyndham Robertson Library hosts multiple events every semester, and publicizes these events (and other library services and resources) through a variety of channels, including a monthly newsletter, fliers, and social media. We welcome students who are strong writers and are interested in marketing to apply for this internship. The intern will help us engage with the Hollins community and coordinate a strong series of events over the course of the semester.

Specific duties could include: newsletter writing and editing, designing fliers, creating exhibits, and planning a marketing campaign for particular events. Apply for this internship on HollinsWorks.

  • User Experience (supervised by James Miller) – only available in spring semester or Jan short term.

The Wyndham Robertson Library offers a large majority of its services and resources to the HU community online, meaning that an effective web presence is critical to the success of its mission. We are looking for an intern who has an interest in and understanding of web usability and/or design, to help us analyze how well students can use our website, and to make recommendations for potential improvements to address any difficulties students may have in using the site.

Specific duties could include: Testing efficacy of library’’s web presence through studies of current usage of library web site; designing and implementing of a usability study; making recommendations for changes to the website; creating videos on how to use particular library resources.

A UX intern will gain an understanding of user-centered design principles, usability tools, and conducting usability testing. Apply for this internship on HollinsWorks.

For students who might be considering a graduate master’s program in library and/or information science after they finish their undergraduate degree at Hollins, we are also happy to work with you to customize an internship in the library. Please contact Luke Vilelle at

The Wyndham Robertson Library welcomes internship inquiries from students pursuing a master’s degree in library and/or information science. We will work with you to design an internship that helps you develop skills and gain the experience you need to launch your career in librarianship.

Below are a few potential focus areas for an internship, but this is not meant as an exhaustive list:

  • Providing reference assistance
  • Providing in-class library instruction
  • Creating and editing online tutorials
  • Creating research guides for particular classes or subjects
  • Assisting with library collection management, via either our print or digital collection
  • Curating and digitizing collections of material from our Special Collections and Archives for online presentation and distribution

Contact Luke Vilelle at for more information.